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V60 Brewing Kit

A beautiful addition to any coffee enthusiasts armory is this V60 Brewing Kit. The V60 is iconic for its contribution to the resurgence of manual brewing worldwide – it’s a nod to a classic filter coffee but with much more control and precision of the brewing variables which produces bright, clean cups of coffee every time!

This Kit contains:

  • Hario 02 V60 (makes 1-4 cups)
  • 100 Filters
  • 1L Hario Buono Pour-Over Kettle
  • Hario Drip Scale
  • Hario 02 Glass Server

When ordering your coffee, if you do not own a grinder, please select “V60” as the Grind choice.


Hario Drip Scale

Chemex Filters

From the Roastery

At the Beethoven HQ we love brewing these coffees as a V60, because we feel they really compliment the way it brews:

Malawi Misuku Hills

Kenya Gatanga PeaBerry

Symphony No.5

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