Uganda Rwenzori Mountains

Uganda Rwenzori Mountains

This natural processed Ugandan coffee hails from Western Uganda and is grown on the slopes of the Rwenzori Mountains. It produces bright, sweet espressos with a gummy mouth-feel, and hibiscus aromas with notes of spice and subtle black cherry. As a milk-based drink it present notes of marshmallows and can be very nut forward with a beautiful earthiness rounding out the body of the milk drinks. As a filter we recommend an Aeropress as it brews a full-bodied Aeropress with a beautiful earthiness and a compliment of sweet red berries and black pepper spice!

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Region: Rwenzori Mountains

Altitude: 1300-1550 MASL

Harvest: June – July


Roast Scale: 

Varietal: SL-14 & SL-28

Process: Natural

Quality Score: 85


flavour notes


Red berries

Black Pepper


Farm Info

This coffee from Western Uganda is grown by small hold farmers with a full chain of traceability from farmer to consumer. The Great Lakes Coffee Co-op is owned by 3rd generation coffee producers, who have farmed & produced coffee for a number of years. They have a history of producing good quality coffees purchased at sustainable prices, enabling farmers to better their farming practices and in turn produce consistently better coffees.

We have had the privilege of meeting Andreas, who currently manages the GLC & look forward to continuing our relationship with them.

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