Timor Leste Atsabe Community Lot

Thoughts from the roastery: WOW!

First off, a whole new region has been opened up for us with the advent of Raw Materials SA coming into being and we are loving it! This full natural from the little island of Timor-Leste is packed full of deliciousness. It’s pink and purple, fun and funky and bursting with deliciousness. From the second this coffee is ground it starts to tease the senses – grape and strawberry fizzers on the nose morph into sour cherry liquer and a gorgeously aged shiraz. It’s exactly the right proportion of sweetness to booziness and we are HERE for it!

This coffee is an absolute treat and you can taste it whilst it’s being served on bar at our Espresso Bar 


Farm Info

Processed at Atsabe Village Wet Mill, this natural coffee is testament to the work that has gone into bettering coffee production in Timor-Leste. Coffees scoring above 80 points are now a norm in this village, with a focus on quality and sustainability. 

New mills and processing stations are being built every season as they drive towards turning coffee into this nations biggest export product.  

Improving the coffee sector is of critical importance for Timor-Leste as 37% of households depend on coffee for a portion of their income.  


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