Your favourite coffee is the one that resonates with your soul from first sip to last swallow. The one that tingles on your taste buds and leaves you wanting just one more sip. Favourites are unique to each of us it’s the nostalgia and the memory that keep us coming back. This coffee is full of familiarity, yet surprises you with its absolute deliciousness in every sip. As a milk-based beverage we taste a symphony of vanilla ice-cream and butterscotch sauce. It’s sweet and creamy, with a beautiful butterscotch and vanilla taste sensation melting all over your palate…. mmm, delish! As a filter brew it plays an entirely different tune, with bright red berries dancing your palate – think cranberry, raspberry, with a subtle apple tartness. It’s super juicy and fruity and we love that it plays well as both a filter/manual brew and an espresso/milk-based coffee. It’s versatile, delicious, familiar and just a tiny bit out of your box.



Roast Scale:

single origin specialty coffee roastery roast beans

Medium – light roast

Current coffee components:

Ethiopia Sidamo & Uganda Rwenzori Mountains




Current flavour notes

Red berries

Honey Ice Cream


About The Blend 

Sonatina was designed to be a versatile filter & espresso brew blend. Something for the slightly more adventurous coffee drinker, yet still delicious and apporachable. 


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