Rwanda Intango CWS

Rwanda Intango CWS

Rwanda Intango is our first Rwandan release for the 2022 season and it’s nothing short of delightful! It’s explosively fruity with a delicate florality and a rich caramel sweetness. This coffee presents a beautiful sensory experience from first grounds all the way to final sip – the aromatics in the ground coffee are delightfully fruity with notes of cherry, guava and caramel in the dry grounds. As it brews the fruity aromatics develop into a deeper cherry & grape fragrance, with flavour notes of blueberry, caramel and guava present right up front. These flavours start to develop a delicate black tea finish and a subtle warm citric acidity while the caramel notes morph into a wild honey sweetness. A beautiful showcase of the classic flavours of this region in Rwanda as well as the explosive fruitiness that we experience from coffees higher up in East Africa!

It’s just too good to pass up!

Farm Info

Intango (pronounced “Inango”) is a small washing station on the edge of Lake Kivu and this coffee is sourced and exported by Roots Origin Limited, a Rwandan social enterprise that is passionate about coffee, and the farmers who grow it.

Once part of a cooperative that won the 2014 Rwanda Cup of Excellence, it became run down as the cooperative dissolved. That is until Gilbert Gatali took it over. Having grown up in Canada, but Rwandan by roots, Gilbert came back to his African roots as a coffee importer. He then continued to help hundreds of farmers improve their quality as manager of Rwanda’s first farmer-owned specialty coffee export company.

This washing station works with only 400 farmers, but this gives Gilbert the oversight to make lasting impact for all of them. ‘Intango’ itself is Kinyarwanda for “beginning”: Gilbert’s intention was to create a communal starting point for farmers, staff and community to come together, grow and change their lives positively.

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