Pocket Brew

Pocket Brew

boil. steep. stir. enjoy.

Coffee, made simply.

Introducing, Pocket Brew – the simplest way to brew specialty coffee at home. All you need is a cup, your kettle and a Pocket Brew to make yourself an excellent cup of coffee at home, no need for machines or any brewing equipment! These single-serve pockets are filled with 12g of specialty coffee specially selected for its ability to brew well as a black coffee or to be equally delicious with a dabble of your favourite milk, or m*lk or mylk.  They’re nitro-sealed to keep them fresher for longer & will travel well – whether it’s to the office or on a grand adventure into the wilds!

We’ve used one of our classic blends – Ode To Joy – to ensure that every Pocket Brew is absolutely delicious, no matter how you take your coffee. When we make a Pocket Brew it reminds us of slow Sunday mornings and cooking up flapjacks in the kitchen. It’s smooth, it’s delicious and it’s just chocolatey enough to make you wonder if you accidentally dropped a square of Lindt into your cup.

Brewing Instructions:

boil, your kettle. steep, your Pocket Brew for 4 minutes. stir, a few times. remove the bag and enjoy!




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