Ode To Joy

Ode To Joy

Ode to Joy was created with the view to produce a blend that operates well as a milk-based beverage for every kind of coffee drinker. It also brews a really comforting and well-balanced traditional filter coffee and for that reason it is generally speaking a winner in every circle.

Ode to Joy has a silky mouthfeel with a bright malic acidity and a very clean cup. It produces notes of butterscotch, malt and hazelnuts with a gentle chocolate aroma and a slightly hint of florality.

As it’s name suggests – it’s meant to bring joy when it’s consumed and that, is definitely something this specialty blend does do!



Roast Scale:

Current Composition:

Guatemala Finca El Morito

Ehtiopia Sidamo



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About This Blend


Ode to Joy was designed to be a blend that brings joy – exactly as its name suggests. We wanted a coffee that produced familiar flavours – caramel & chocolate making it an easy-to-drink, any-time-of-the-day kind of coffee!


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