This is the blend, for the day when you don’t know what you want or how you want it to taste. It’s the coffee that makes drinking coffee easy, brewing it even easier and enjoying it the absolute easiest. It’s called the Metronome cause it’s a specialty coffee blend that’ll get your hipster brother-in-law and your super conservative mom marching to the same beat and enjoying the best cup of coffee together.

It’s smooth in the mouth, mellow on acidity, with a chilled-out brown sugar sweetness and subtle hint of nuttiness that makes it super easy to drink & enjoy at any time, with any one. It’s a classic coffee, uncomplicated and chilled to get along with – a true symphony of taste.



Roast Scale:single origin specialty coffee roastery roast beans

 Current components:

Uganda Rwenzori Mountains

Guatemala Finca El Morito

Honduras Santa Rosa 


single origin specialty coffee roastery roast portafilter beethoven coffee co


Chocolate Nesquik 

Caramel Treat


Roasted Nuts dipped in milk chocolate

About The Blend

The classic coffee, designed to get everyone marching to the same beat !  This coffee was designed for a milk beverage making the ideal brew when served as a single cappuccino!



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