Malawi Misuku Hills

Malawi Misuku Hills

This single origin specialty coffee is grown on the slopes of the Misuku Hills in the Northern region of Malawi, an area only recently gaining a reputation for its coffee and we fell in love. As an espresso it exhibits notes of orange zest and nutmeg with a bright acidity and intense aromatics. When brewed as a milk beverage we recommend it with a slightly higher milk to espresso ratio (like a cappuccino!) and there it pulls through sweet caramel notes, with a subtle waffle flavour and a honeycomb finish. We feel this coffee shines as a pour-over and as a result exhibits beautiful notes of orange marmalade, ginger biscuits and Christmas spices when made as V60.

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Region: Chitipa, Northern Malawi

Altitude: 1450 – 1750 MASL

Harvest: April – June


Roast Scale:  

Varietal: Gesha & Catimor

Process: Washed

Quality Score: 81


Current flavour notes



Sweet Orange 

Farm Info

The Malawi Misuku Hills Farmers Union is made up of 100 small-scale farmers in the north of Malawi close to the Tanzanian border. Although their northern neighbour is more famed for its coffee production, this coffee is grown in rich volcanic soils and the climate lends itself to producing some of the best coffees in the country.

This coffee has been brought us via a direct trade partnership with Specialty Coffee Exchange & the Misuku Hills Farmers Union.

Pictures credited to Specialty Coffee Exchange.


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