Jack Rabbit X Beethoven: Coffee Infused Chocolate

Jack Rabbit X Beethoven: Coffee Infused Chocolate

Our ultimate Christmas release this year is the PERFECT companion to our Christmas coffee, a real symphony of taste! We partnered with the legends at Jack Rabbit Chocolate Studios to bring you a coffee & chocolate collaboration. A sweet but very balanced bar decked out beautifully in the signature Beethoven colours is real treat for the eyes and the taste buds. Incorporated in this bar are two of our very own coffees – Guatemala Finca El Morito & our washed Ethiopia Sidamo. These two coffees bring flavours of stonefruit, nut and spice to the table which the team at Jack Rabbit have delicately highlighted in this gorgeous bar of chocolate. It’s milk chocolate at heart which gives the gorgeous other flavours of this slab a chance to play!

Just like we’re specialty coffee roasters, the team at Jack Rabbit are artisan chocolatiers hand crafting each bar in their studio in Pretoria. They’ve taken the humble chocolate bar and elevated it in flavour and presentation to make it, we quote, “fancy AF” and we think they’ve done a damn fine job. If you don’t believe us, buy a bar and find out.

Get involved – it’s LIMITED edition & the next batch won’t be the same!

Please note: We’ll do our best to make sure these arrive at your destination in one piece and well looked after but once they have left the roastery they’re in the hands of the couriers, literally. If you’re in JHB we’re happy to arrange pick up at any of our partner pick-up points, so place your whole Christmas order together & we’ll get it together and take it there for you! Dispatching alongside our Christmas coffee from the first week of December.


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