Ethiopia Guji Hambela

Ethiopia Guji Hambela

A Natural Ethiopian is a glorious thing and this coffee from the Guji zone is no exception. Hambela Washing Station is becoming synonymous with excellent quality and this coffee is just that!

Thoughts from the roastery: This region from Ethiopia produces coffees that have a distinctive booziness and a real spicy note to them! We love this natural for both those reasons & love that it reminds us of Trev’s first Ethiopian competition coffee. Sweet, boozy and spicy! Think mulled wine that evolves into a sweet strawberry sorbet sprinkled with a touch of black pepper.


 Farm Info

Rich volcanic soils & steep mountainous terrain with ample rainfall are the perfect conditions to support an array of coffee farms. The Guji zone has recently been distinguished from the more famous regions of Sidamo & Yirgacheffe. It is quickly gaining international acclaim for the high quality coffees it produces! This washing station is managed by the team at Haileselassie Ambaye and is producing beautiful washed and natural coffees year after year!

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