Burundi Murambi Hill

Burundi Murambi Hill

This coffee is our FIRST Burundi release since the inception of Beethoven, how exciting! We’ve been on the hunt for a delicious Burundi coffee to bring to you for some time now, as it is one of the favourite coffee origins of our team. Burundi coffee holds some special memories for us as Trevor’s first ever competition coffee was a washed Burundi. This beautiful microlot from Murambi Hills is delicate and complex, and full to the brim with botanicals like fynbos – letting you think you’re drinking a beautiful local gin! It holds a soft sweetness with notes of melon and kiwi as it cools and the gorgeous subtlety of wildflower honey dances on your palate. It holds a beautiful tangerine sweetness in the initial sips and layers delicate flavours together as it cools. Be sure to slowly sip your way through each cup with this one!



Region: Mutambu, Mumirwa.

Altitude: 1800 MASL

Harvest: March – July


Roast Scale:

single origin specialty coffee roastery roast french press cafetiere

Varietal: Bourbon

Process: Fully Washed





Suggested Brew: V60

Dose: 18g – medium grind

Time:  3- 3:15min

Water: 300g/ 93°C

Bloom with 60g and do 3 pours agitating slightly on the 2nd pour.


Farm Info

Perched high above the east Lake Tanganyika in the Mumirwa region of Burundi resides the Migoti Washing Station, a product of Migoti Coffee. Migoti Coffee has been working with the surrounding small-hold farmers to produce coffee and restore the coffee community and production ability in a region that had been heavily struck by war and  insecurity. In the last four years they have planted tens of thousands of coffee trees, slowly starting to restore this region of Burundi to its former glory.  Murambi Hill, meaning the one who lives long, is the home of a number of small-hold coffee farmers who sell their cherries to Migoti Coffee. 

With the phenomenal impact that Migoti Coffee has had on the 700+ plus surrounding coffee farmers, coffee from Murambi Hill, will surely live long!

Pictures credited to Migoti Coffee.


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