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Bialetti Mokapot – Express Stovetop

If you walk into an old Italian home, or maybe just your Ouma’s you’re likely to spot one of these famous octagonal stovetop espresso makers in a cupboard! They’ve been staples in the coffee lovers repertoire for the last 80 years and we love the way they brew a rich espresso style coffee without the need for huge machines.

Brewed using just the basic elements of water, coffee and a stove/fire (note that induction plates will not work)  this little pressure brewer comes in a cute two cup (for just one normal sized person), four cup (for one gigantic human, or two ordinary ones) and a six cup (you do the math).

  • for a home styled cap or flat white, dig out Oumas’ french press (plunger) and use it to froth some warmed milk.
  • for a delicious starting point, use the Hoff’s method ( watch it here )




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