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Aeropress Brewing Kit

The perfect addition to the travelling coffee aficionado’s brewing kit is this AeroPress kit. It comes with an AeroPress, 300 filter papers, a Hario Buono Pour-Over Kettle that can be boiled on the stove or on the fire and a Hario scale for perfecting those brew ratios! We love the versatility of brew that an Aeropress can give you and for that reason it’s a firm favourite in the Beethoven Roastery.

This Kit contains:

  • 1 AeroPress + Funnel + Scoop
  • 300 Filters
  • 1L Hario Buono Pour-Over Kettle
  • Hario Drip Scale

When ordering your coffee, if you do not own a grinder, please select “Aeropress” as the Grind choice.


From the Roastery

At the Beethoven HQ we love brewing these coffees as an Aeropress, because we feel they really compliment the way it brews:

Malawi Misuku Hills

Uganda Rwenzori Mountains

Symphony No.5

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