A Summer Trifle

A Summer Trifle

Following on from our Beethoven Christmas Coffee last year, we decided to keep our blend – A Summer Trifle available while the stock lasts this summer!! This blend reminds us of all the wonderfully South African elements of a summertime Christmas. It tastes like a sweet summer trifle built of juicy tinned peaches, a gentle vanilla sponge, and topped with whipped cream complete with a subtle bourbon booziness that lingers gently on your palate. It brews gorgeous espressos and beautifully full milk drinks, and equally delicious filters making it an all-round winner. We’ve got 7 boxes* of this gorgeous little coffee left, so if you’re looking for something delicious – grab this, you’re in for a treat!

*250g boxes available only 



Blend Info

A few months ago we sat at Beethoven HQ dreaming about our Christmas Gift Sets. We reminisced about mince pies and boozy Christmas cake, about gingerbread houses and a good ol’ South African braai on Christmas Day.

And as we reminisced, we came to the conclusion that a classically South African Christmas dessert needed to inspire this year’s Christmas blend…. and so it was born – the blend that tastes like trifle!

It’s a complex and layered blend, exhibiting sweet stonefruit notes with a boozy bourbon and vanilla finish as a pour-over and gorgeous sherry-soaked vanilla cake, with whipped cream as a milk beverage.

We’ve used two gorgeous Costa Rican Microlots, one red honey processed and one full natural to build this unique flavour experience.


We love brewing this coffee as…

a cappuccino or a pourover

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